Great Turn-out for our General Assembly tonight

For some of you following there was a post on  here  disussing a situation  that Occupy Nova Scotia was facing. Frustration in lack of participation. It was taken down due to some frustration of the tone it set.

Well folks, I wanted to update everyone and let them know that the General Assembly tonight was the largest in a long time. 20 or so people showed up throughout the course of tonight, and a lot of interested passerby’s showed support! Huge THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! Tonight we showed that Occupy is NOT dead, nor really in a hibernation state

The following General Assembly/Discussion  group will be this Saturday following our large 99% Rally. The Rally begins at 3pm, GA/Discussion Group to Follow at 5pm at Saint May’s University (location will be booked in the very near future!).

Minutes for this GA will be posted very shortly.