What SOPA and PIPA really mean….

(January 18th, Occupy NS Facebook groups as well as this web page made an attempt to be blacked out. Majority of participants also chose to go without the internet for a day)

On January 18, 2012, the interwebs saw something truly … unique. The lawsuit website of the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) of over 1,000,000 was launched and has been heavily debated in the US Congress. If you wish, To reduce this problem, SOPA starts with PIPA (Protect IP Act).

Lets give you a brief history of the two, shall we?


PIPA was introduced to the United States Senate on May 12, 2011. Senator Patrick Leahy, Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassleythat essentially gave the United States the right to close any site that they found to be infringing on the United States. It will also allow them to attack and sue search engines linked to such sites (ie Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.). Nine leading sites such as the client and allowed the company to sue the owner of the site and the site. Not working well on possible anti-piracy.


SOPA was introduced on October 26, 2011 as a guideline for working with PIPA, which will allow the US government and companies to create blacklists of web pages, websites and tools that violate PIPA. The US government can find court orders against search engines, advertisers, DNS servers, and payment processors that will prevent them from contacting. The owners and facilities on the site. It will also allow private companies the right to create. The “personal forbidden” list includes companies that they believe infringe their copyright policy. The company then has the right to contact these suspicious site support systems to disrupt all payment processes to the target site and domain. The site will have 5 days to process the payment. The payment processor will have the power to truncate any websites they work with for suspicious activity due to copyright infringement.

Why is this so big? Fan sites and independent blogs are the first targets in the list. While you may giggle at this, consider this:

Most Twilight fantasy sites belong to 15-year-old girls under PIPA and SOPA. These 15-year-old girls, due to the similarity of Summit Entertainment Can become a federal criminal. Please note, this is not just about US citizens, so look at our Disney World!

All jokes aside NO .. This is not the biggest problem with SOPA and PIPA, but there is something small enough to put into context.

Let’s look at the real problem …

SOPA and PIPA use DNS filtering (Domain Name System). DNS filtering is using “filters” to eliminate some domain names (such as occupyns.org as domains). What happens now is if you type senate.gov it. This will take you to the IP address of without hesitation. This is exactly what the domain name system associates with IP. Domain names, DNS filtering, and DNS redirections are what they are. Use that domain and filter to retrieve it. Your IP address from You redirect your computer to a domain owned and operated under PIPA. This is actually a well-established tip … in the hacking community.

This may cause security issues, as well as do not target copyright infringement correctly. Why? Since the site is being filtered, the site is only blacklisted and has not been trialed or penalized. In addition, in the past year, the US government has shown that they are not as safe as they think they are. And in theory, DNS filtering with our technology and as it is standing in development causes a lot of gaps in logging.

This is the first issue …

Go to the second problem number.

PIPA and SOPA not only attack the site. But attack the poster with

Go back to Twilight fans age 15 or hey … lets see us. Star Wars fanatics (think of Imperial March playing as you read this section)

One of the largest and most sought after fancy sites in the world, none other than YouTube is sure to have many niche sites out there. But let’s look at the large. (Ignoring problem number 3, because I’ll talk about it)

YouTube is your Google Account. YouTube is your Google Account. Next to Facebook, Google is the next highest ranking data mining company in North America. Google will only track the name you provide. Created a backup email. But all the videos you post and watch as well as your holy internet code, your IP address.

IP Address You surprise, tell a lot about you your IP address with novice can tell at least about country and state / province as well as your city. But for professionals, it can tell that your country, state / province, provider and the radius of the location where you live. Some service providers attach a list of service numbers to certain IP configurations, which means that experienced technology professionals or governments can obtain a street address listing, which serves the server within the IP configuration range. Each service number will be associated with your home address, which is provided when opening an account with a service provider. They already have this technical right. But the law that this action is under-readable, so they have defined a new format under PIPA.

So what if all this is that if YouTube fails (problem 3 …), the US government will not just But the right to use the site. It will be used without a subdomain. Meaning for any awesome lightsaber kids, parodies, or cover artists who use the visuals or music you can in front of become a target if you land in America.

I saved the best for last … Honestly, I got

The death of the internet we know.